Tip #2: Cell phones and the workplace – a boon or a curse?

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Texting, it’s not just for teenagers anymore.  People who text to communicate have increased text messages sent to more than 4 billion texts each day!  If you or your employees are sending texts for business purposes, you need to ensure the  information sent is properly secured, especially if the topic is confidential.  Texts in a business capacity are the same as formal business letters in that you must check your spelling and avoid cutesy abbreviations or emoticons to avoid the appearance of unprofessionalism.  Employers must develop a policy to manage, capture and store incoming and outgoing texts.  Texts can incur liability to an employer if an employee is texting for business purposes while driving and has an accident.  Another trap for the unwary is employers who text exempt employees outside of their normal working hours.  If the employee responds to the text, and the texting occurs on a regular basis, such conduct could result in overtime liability for the employer.  It’s 2010 – do you have a cell/PDA/texting policy?

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