The new Form I-9 is here – along with newly revised M-274 Handbook!

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It is hard to believe but the U.S. government actually issued a new Form I-9 without ten years of committee meetings to discuss those revisions.  The new Form I-9 is here, effective March 8, 2013, for all employers to begin using.  The questions will continue to roll in about the new format, about what documents to accept, about what pages to keep, and how the new Form I-9 affects internal Form I-9 audits.

The newly revised Form I-9 can be found at:

Another surprise is that the Form I-9 Handbook, the M-274, was revised as well – the revised version was released yesterday.  Please print the new M-274 and review it carefully.  This revised version of the M-274 has color photos and better examples of the documents usually provided to employers by non-citizens.

Follow the instructions carefully and be sure that the form I-9’s you keep have the list of documents on the back of the actual completed portion.

There will be confusion as to how to address concerns.  E-verify will also be affected by the new Form I-9.  Stay posted for updates!

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